Ikeuchi Hiroto:
2022  01.08 — 01.30


IKEUCHI combines ready-made plastic models with industrial parts, separating the objects from their original context and imparting them with an entirely new value and meaning through their amalgamation. His work up until now has been influenced by both international and Japanese pop culture franchises from his childhood, such as Star Wars, Zoids and Gundam. The interpretation of his works is dependent on the viewer’ s unique frame of reference. With the combination of internationally recognisable pop imagery and the distinctly Japanese model culture, his works simultaneously evoke a sense of nostalgia, whilst hinting at the near-future through a cyberpunk aesthetic. The embryo of IKEUCHI’ s current style can be observed in his early works that were created after graduating from university, consisting of dioramas formed from the combination of models and computer parts. Nowadays, he produces works that are designed to be worn, with suits, headsets and gadgets created from industrial and technological materials, and are loaded with the potential to evolve in a multitude of directions.
An important feature of IKEUCHI’ s work is how they operate on numerous levels, both as a product and a visually interesting artwork. The neat arrangement of small parts, and inorganic colour palette provides visual stimulation with its intricacy, whilst the items used in these assemblages retain their original function. When worn and experienced, the works o er a glimpse of new discoveries that are unique to the person and location, thereby providing a di erent experience than observation alone.The interpretation that is derived from the experience of facing and experiencing the latent functionality of the ready-made and fictional visuals, is something that can be understood without saying it alouDIKEUCHI's works can therefore be seen as a tool for communication, and present a wholly individual method of expression.
His unique artistic style has seen him gain the attention of the fashion world, having recently collaborated on BALENCIAGA’ s Spring 2022 collection and campaign visuals, as well as projects with brands shu uemura, and Gentle Monster. His work has been shown in publications such as V Magazine, VOGUE and PURPLE MAGAZINE, as well as featuring on the cover of WIRED ITALIA. IKEUCHI has also collaborated with contemporary musicians such as Arca, the non-binary artist often described as a modern genius, Japanese rapper KOHH and contributed to ASAP Rocky’ s pop-up store TESTING, ensuring he continues to attract attention from a wide variety of Japanese and International media.
This exhibition will be IKEUCHI’ s largest solo show to date, and will present a conceptual space featuring full-body suits created with the development and manufacturing team of the body-enhancing robot company, Skeletonics. Visitors will also be able to experience new large-scale works created in collaboration with the interactive design company PROTOTYPE INC, who are active across a wide range of genres including design, technology and art. These will be exhibited alongside a selection of IKEUCHI's previous works to provide visitors the opportunity to see the development and inspiration behind his artistic process. We look forward to welcoming you to an exhibition that promises to be an unprecedented experience within the artist’ s distinctly eccentric environment.

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