SAI is pleased to present “BOLMETEUS”, a group exhibition featuring visual images and spatial composition, curated by Gallery CON_ in Nihonbashi-bakurocho, from June 1 to 23. The exhibition will feature 13 artists from Japan and abroad including the representation of a young Japanese contemporary artist, Kazuki Umezawa, British artist, Ben Edmunds, winner of the Hine Painting Prize, and Hiroto Ikeuchi who is collaborating with Balenciaga, Gentle Monster, and more still fresh in our minds.
The end of the 20th century. The Third Industrial Revolution gave us a vast amount of information and another field of life online. But we were forced to live in a world where it was commonplace for the depth of some “things” to stagnate and for them to be imbued with new values, such as conspiracies and Internet memes instead. Tradition and technology. Print and images. Reality and virtuality. We live in a world where we take for granted that information is fluidly intermingled and crosses borders on an online axis, and we are constantly exposed to new values and experiences through a variety of methods daily.
The possibilities of social networking sites, which have experienced remarkable cultural growth in the modern era and continue to develop with uniqueness in terms of visuals and depth, tend to redefine the meaning and roles of many entities, evolving with the times. Social networking applications such as Instagram and X have been born and established, and the participating artists in this exhibition are also visualizing and outputting their latent ideas in the same environment as those of us living today. In the same era, they may live in different places and different environments, but there is an aspect of being influenced by something they share on digital media, and this common thread evolves into a unique aura of texture in the process of creation.
This exhibition “BOLMETEUS” believes that this aura is a new interpretation of art. The venue is a collection - curation and sharing - collective of art pieces as imitating Instagram posts. We live our lives with smartphones in hand, looking at social networking sites and finding value in things. In other words, this exhibition is unique in our time, where visual media plays an important role in the choices we make in our daily lives. The space, composed of works in a variety of media and ideas, is more neutral than the tension that originally existed in the individual works. The resulting textures and atmospheres that emerge from the space, like a social networking account, will be glimpsed as new personalities that will appear only at this exhibition. In other words, this exhibition is an experiment to explore the awareness of a new work of art that is not completed by itself, but by constructing a space.
This exhibition, which is formed from online-based thought and physical expression that can be seen as both adaptation and defiance of the times, will weave a new context for art and may provide hints for unraveling the chaos of “contemporary art”.

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