SAI is pleased to announce, “IN TRANSIT,” the first photography exhibition in Japan of Norman Reedus, a Hollywood actor, photographer and writer with a long and varied career, from Friday, May 17 to Sunday, May 26.
Norman Reedus, who has starred in many famous films and TV series as The Boondock Saints, Beat, The Walking Dead, and Daryl Dixon and Hideo Kojimaʼs award winning, Death Stranding. He has been prolific as an artist and photographer from the beginning of his career. Following the 'Live the Life You Love' photography exhibition held in Paris in 2022, Mr. Reedus will present 'IN TRANSIT' in 2024. Norman has held photo exhibitions in various cities around the world not only his hometown New York and Los Angeles, but also Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Paris.
'IN TRANSIT' is an intuitive exploration, a personal experience, psychoanalytic and hypnotic. This collection includes first published works from the underground 90ʼs to the present day, but it is always 'IN TRANSIT', a process that explores the depths of these divergent eras. The collection of “urban and rural settings, heat and cold, exhilaration and melancholy” is also “all about nostalgia.” Norman says.
Through his almost abstract urban landscapes and snapshots, photographer Norman seeks to share his own evolving path with the viewers. From the ethereal glow of leaking neon lights to the dark Gaussian blur, the cropped landscapes feel like something real, yet evocative, that does not already exist here.
s The 53 photographs in this exhibition are brand new and were taken in 2022 and 2023, but some of them were taken between 1994 and the early 2000s.
Two books with a limited number of copies of Norman's photographs imported from New York will be available for purchase at the exhibition. 'The Sun's Coming Up... Like a Big Bald Head' published in October 2013, and 'The Last Season', a book Norman published during The Walking Dead's historic 11 seasons on the air as an unforgettable memory for fans of the drama. The book contains a collection of the drama's sets, casts, and crews photographed by himself. All books for sale in the exhibition are autographed by Norman Reedus.

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