SAI is pleased to announce “conix mood”, the largest solo exhibition by the illustrator artist to date, taking place from Friday 21st July to Sunday 13th August 2023. conix inspires their art fans not only Japan but also abroad with a style characterized by a unique approach that mixes various media. This exhibition will showcase more than 40 works by conix, all reflecting the current state of the artist’s mind and perception surround the SAI space.
conix’s work utilizes a variety of techniques and media, including comics, stencils, sculptures, and silkscreen prints. The diverse approach to express to their thoughts and ideas are delivered through simple yet powerful images conveyed through various media and techniques. Pursuing a powerful yet minimalistic aesthetic, conix’s versatility mixed with curiosity has continually expanded their repertoire of artistic tools. A unique development in the domestic art scene can be seen as a result.
conix is known for their captivating touch and unique media style. Their works can be seen as a depiction of a universal existence, balancing the contradictions that we all have. This is reflected by the way they draw inspiration from a variety of sources and not just one motif. Their works are completed in a process that straddles various media, from canvas to other forms of expression. This kind of production, which doesn’t adhere to a single process, allows the artist to freely explore, control, and visualize the inner vision that resides in themself.
conix is widely known as an artist, but their creative works also extend to the field of illustration. As an illustrator, the definition of “illustration” exists to approach information as a means of complementing it, conveying its meaning and providing context. In exchange, they express that their work as an artist allows them to explore themes and motifs that they wouldn’t usually pursue. The exhibition titled, “conix mood” reflects the private mood of the artist living in the present age, expressing an accurate depiction of the aspects which make up conix and their mind.
The overall theme of “conix mood” inherits the concept of “comic cuteness with common divisor” , which has been a consistent keyword throughout their past works. conix explains that their roots as an artist come from their childhood. For example, they draw inspiration from the simple and weak frames that are drawn in conflict with the climax scene in cartoon, carefully copying and enlarging them, etc. The exhibition space is formed by a creative vision that explores the power that resides in images that lack power but keeping the ‘cute’ and endearing image.
One of the highlights of this exhibition is the presentation of unique three-dimensional works that have been renewed since the previous exhibition. A book inspired by the stencil work by conix will be included into the iconic three-dimensional work.
The largest-scale canvas piece ever will be attempted in this exhibition, as well as a work which incorporates a short statured female character, different from any previous works. Uses of male motifs in art pieces will be also included. Their ever-evolving expression will be showcased in yet a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.
The venue will hold sales for original goods for this exhibition. A 2023 version original beer glass as well as a new iPhone case collaboration with smart phone accessory maker CASETiFY will be available. Please come and experience the world of conix.
conix Resides in Tokyo, conix’s works are characterized by their comic touch and cute design. They’re versatile in their works, using various genres such as painting, illustration, and comics. Their books include “girls. - conix illustration book” and the manga “Ao ko chia bu wa kawaikunai!” (3 volumes).

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